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Family Meeting

Three’s Company

Many couples find themselves in a stagnation state after some time. The rat race of life can easily crowd out the important work of building a relationship. The urgent chaos of life seems more important than the mundane work of building up romance over time.

Meet Jack who feels his career driven feminist wife wants nothing to do with him. Meet Jill who is baffled that her best efforts to make her husband’s life better is actually chasing him away.

Can such a relationship be fixed? Can they turn things around before it’s too late?

Meet Three’s Company, the place where wise counsel and advice gives couples the relevant information they need to supersize their romance in their busy lives.


Expanding Territories

When a parent’s plates are overfilled, it’s tempting to ask in prayer for less things on the plate. I think it is more important to ask for a better plate so not to drop things.

One can’t pray away their children and other parenting obligations but asking for more skills, abilities, and support makes more sense.

Motivational Monday thoughts to get your week off to a bright start.


Power Moves

Mondays can be pretty tough. While some find it a great opportunity to start off on their goals, others find it a bit of drudgery.

Children are watching how we tackle our daily routines and life situations. Remembering that our examples help influence their world view is one powerful incentive to make Monday a great starting day.

Bring on your A-game and have an awesome week.


Parallel Living: Is it worth it?

When couples live as roommates, it’s not always by design. Drift happens in relationships. People can easily drift apart when they’re focused on their own personal instead of relational goals.

Is is worth living in parallel? Should, in this very busy modern time, couples make an effort to master the art of parallel living?

It is possible to work as a team and keep the drift at bay so that the relationship can prosper. Motivational Monday post

Family Meeting

The Love Calendar: New Year of Resolution

We have calendars to keep track of our work on the job. We have calendars to keep up with the activities of our children. We have social calendars and weather calendars, but do we have a love calendar?

In thinking about the New Year and all the resolutions people make, I noticed that very few make resolutions for their family and their marriage. Worse, while most resolutions do not make it to Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t it be great if we kept our romantic resolve far longer into the year?

Here is just a few ideas worth entertaining about The Love Calendar


Power of the Collective: When 2 or 3 Are Gathered

There are those who love to take on challenges alone. Could be an ego thing or just how they were taught to handle life’s pressures. While that may be cool in some instances, social beings that humans are, it’s easier to face challenges with the help of others.

The saying that misery loves company does have a certain ring of truth to it. When under high pressure and intense challenges, it’s good to have company help you through the tough times.

The family unit is a great source of support that also benefits from being supported by it’s local community. There is power in numbers, that’s the power of the collective.


A Case of Coal and Diamond

Nothing like a high pressure and high heat environment to expose weaknesses in any design of any product. Yet, that same set of unpleasant circumstances has shown other products to be superior.

The case of the metaphor about diamonds being made under great pressure and heat is tortured a bit to bring out a few motivating points for the reader to consider.

The inspiration came from a conversation involving how one identifies themselves; Diamonds or Lumps of Coal. How you see yourself plays plenty in what options you’ll take when things get hot and heavy in life.

It’s a fascinating case of coal and diamond


Part 4- Best Return on Personal Investment

The best investment one can be advised to make is in one’s self. The more you work on yourself, the better you can understand who you are. The more you push yourself forward to improve, the better you become at being yourself at your best self.

Bottom line, there is always some work to be done to improve. Doing the work now means later having access to better results. The family you lead depends on you being your best. It’s never too late to work on getting better, so long as you’re alive with functional capabilities.

This is the last part of a 4 part series called “Are your beliefs hindering or serving”


Part 3- From Hindering to Serving

Part 3 of 4 in this series from the presentation called “Are your beliefs hindering or serving” is about the ways of shifting one’s mindset. While not the definitive how-to guide, it is a thought provoking look. Certain habits need to be set in auto-pilot mode to function well in life. However, it’s a good idea to review held beliefs and examine them from time to time for relevancy.

The defense mechanism that helped you survive the school yard may or may not be the right means to survive the workforce. The cherished practices in one’s parent’s home may not suit the children being raised in your home. Adjusting is key. This is a high altitude look about some ways to examine one’s beliefs. Feel free to add your own methods in the comment section


Part 2- Auto- Pilot Believing

Having routines is a wonderful way to streamline decision making. The more complex a task, the more valuable certain routines are to keep up speed in making decisions. But, is there a dark side to routines?

When teaching children to make their own routines, what should one look out for? This post is a small consideration about beliefs and how they can work in auto-pilot mode. This aspect of belief systems is part 2 of 4 in a series based on a presentation called “Are your beliefs hindering or serving”.