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Mindset shifts

The most obvious question then, how do we get a David like belief system? How do we even check the one we have and decide what will be of it? And how can we ensure that our system of belief is not hindering but is serving? And why the choice word of serving anyway?

Let’s start with the end first and work our way back. Service to others is a great calling in and of itself. As social beings, we engage one another and the results are what builds or tear down connections known as friendships. Service is a mindset that profoundly helps build connections and fosters the survival of the group in which one belongs.

In Service

You can call it networking, you can call it socializing, you can call it being cordial, or any other fancy terms you can think of, but in the end, it’s how you connect with people. David tried his best to connect with his brothers both intellectually and emotionally. He reasoned and pleaded with them that the Lord was on their side. Others were in witness of those chats. I’m sure they noticed how his brothers treated him like the runt of the litter. I’m sure others felt he had the right to respond in anger, yet, he stayed cool enough to let his message work.

The ability to convey your thoughts in a clear calm manner, even when in an expressive manner, goes a long way to winning friends and influencing people. That form of leadership through kind words and action does require time to develop.

It is imperative that children get raised to understand respect and honor. Not in the secular popular ways it’s done. Often the motto is that you give respect if it’s given. That level of amateur thinking is self-serving and short sighted. Respect is respect, period. Treat people nice because it’s what you do. No matter how they feel about it.

Models of living – service styles

The reactionary model of living often pushes us to disrespect those who disrespect us. Treat poorly those who do you wrong or can’t do anything for you. It’s the street rules. It’s survival of the fittest. It is an eye for an eye. The law of the jungle. The instinctual reflexive way of being. Primal. Automatic.

The proactive model involves doing the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing. By doing so, you’re sowing seeds of peace and love. While it may take a while to see the results, when the roots are laid down and the tree grows, you’re collecting way more fruits than the seeds you’ve planted. The person who you’re nice to may never pay you back, but in life, you get yours back in folds and in spades.

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