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ROI – Return on Investment

The best return on personal investment is not always measured in cash or tangible items. The best return often is the joy that comes with the investment. OK, backing up a second to use plain English in a moment. But first, God invested in David as much as he did everyone else, and in the story of the sermon, the return David gave God was salvation for the nation.

OK, now for plain English.

The positive side of the butterfly effect is the lives impacted by your good deed.

Let’s use a fictional story to explain.

A parent teaches a temperamental child how to hold his emotion in check. Over the trials and tribulations of teaching that child, it would appear that giving medication would be the quickest route to success. However, investing in self education, the parent learns how to check their own emotions so that when teaching their child, the education connects better.

At some point later, the child encounters a challenge that normally would throw them off their game, but they hold it together and keep calm. A watchful teacher who was overwhelmed with their schedule and life notices the way the historically temperamental child held their cool. This peaks curiosity.

Later, in PTA, the teacher asks the parents about the situation. Their conversation embarks on the process of self mastery. The teacher is so moved they decide to up their game to become more effective.

How many more lives just got better in that school system, generations to come, in many towns around the country…all because one parent took the time to pause, ask how to best serve their child.

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