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Family Meeting

A Model of a Resilient Home

When things get tough, that’s when you see how tough you really are. Thankfully, resilience is a skill that can be learned before tough times arrive. Between strong bonds and habits, one can practice and learn the craft of rebounding through adversity. The attitude of gratitude finds a way into the mindset that gives CEOs of the home an edge in facing life.

Family Meeting

The Habit of Engagement

The distraction economy has us looking for shortcuts and hacks to building connections with family members. The good old fashioned method of communicating seems to labor intense.

If we don’t make time to engage and connect with each other, we will drift apart, or settle of a shallow connection.

Let’s be intentional and purposeful in building our tribe inside our families

Family Meeting

Mom: Multi-hat wearing hero

A mom is a super hero. She does so much for her home. She’s the dreamer and the maker of dreams. She makes the home a home. She builds up her children to be productive members of society. Her heroics makes the future a better place.

A mom is both the CEO and COO of the home when not wearing all the other hats she does in the house… not to discount doing while working and being awesome at all she does.

Happy Mother’s Day

Family Meeting

A Case of Pride

Many are familiar withe the expression “Pride goes before a fall”. In the family, that “fall” has collateral consequences.

In today’s post, we take a browsing view of the dangers of arrogance and pride with regards to the family and community.

Family Meeting

Three’s Company

Many couples find themselves in a stagnation state after some time. The rat race of life can easily crowd out the important work of building a relationship. The urgent chaos of life seems more important than the mundane work of building up romance over time.

Meet Jack who feels his career driven feminist wife wants nothing to do with him. Meet Jill who is baffled that her best efforts to make her husband’s life better is actually chasing him away.

Can such a relationship be fixed? Can they turn things around before it’s too late?

Meet Three’s Company, the place where wise counsel and advice gives couples the relevant information they need to supersize their romance in their busy lives.

Family Meeting

The Love Calendar: New Year of Resolution

We have calendars to keep track of our work on the job. We have calendars to keep up with the activities of our children. We have social calendars and weather calendars, but do we have a love calendar?

In thinking about the New Year and all the resolutions people make, I noticed that very few make resolutions for their family and their marriage. Worse, while most resolutions do not make it to Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t it be great if we kept our romantic resolve far longer into the year?

Here is just a few ideas worth entertaining about The Love Calendar