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When thinking about what a mother does and brings to the home, one has to pause and admire the heroism of motherhood. No other job in this world combines so many different sets of skills into one person. Think about it for a moment.

As you think about it, just taking the time to wish all moms the best of Mother’s Day wishes. May all your sacrifices bring you more results than you’ve expected. May your children grow to make you proud, the community proud, and God proud. And that you find joy and reward in all that you do.

Let’s take a quick look at two of the many hats a mother wears in her home. The CEO had and the COO hat.

CEO of the home

The mom as the CEO makes total sense. She runs the house. But in reality, as the CEO she’s the inspirer and motivator who makes the dreams of the home come a reality. The mom usually administers many of the life changing decisions that impacts the children. This takes away nothing from all the dads who are involved and helping out. Under most circumstances, the mom is the chief exec of the home.

She juggles all the choices of her career, her world, and that of the children at sometimes the husband. She keeps schedules, accounts, dreams, and hopes in check. She cheers, she leads, she motivates, she encourages, she empowers.

The mom as CEO of the home is the dreamer who also knows how to implement the dreams into reality. Just as a typical stereotype male to figure what shade of green matches whatever shade of blue for the kitchen while figuring how much lunch to pack for the kids and you’ll quickly understand the immense value a woman brings to the decisions of the home.

And it’s not just in the superficial areas either. She’s the one who prays for her family when the others are fast asleep. She’s the one who brainstorms ideas that will make her husband look great. She’s the one who worries about all the doctors appointments as well as the health of her hubby. She’s the one who puts herself last so that everyone wins and has a chance at being first.

As the CEO, many decisions start, gets promoted, accomplished, and finished by her office. Sure, she’s got a partner, but not all women are lucky to have a superdad on her arms. So, she usually manages to make it all happen no matter how rough or easy the task is.

Let’s not forget that moms usually have less resources than dads to make things happy. How? Most women still make less than a man for the same amount of work. Most women are still seen as less than a man, as property, as possession (depending on where in the world you live) and yet must multiply all her limited resources to make miracles happen in the home.

COO of the home.

As the chief operation officer, mom is the one that stays up late to check homework, cook, clean, and ready the next day. She takes the vision her hubby may have, assuming he has one, and makes it a reality in the house. She’s the one who does most of the hard actual labor that makes the house looks good, feels good, and is good.

Some moms have the sad reality of doing all the actual labor of keeping a home going. Negotiating with contractors who notoriously pray on her apparent lack of masculine skills to hike up prices. She mows lawns, washes dishes, does spreadsheets, takes care of day to day operations.

This is the part of a mom’s role that often amazes economist. Mothers do so many job titles around the house that they should be earning deep six figures income for all they do. Yet, we only reserve one day a year to say thank you officially. I say they should have way more than that.

The work of a mom is really super hero work. She makes civilization possible. She takes of her own physical resources to help nourish and grow a fetus to delivery. Then she takes more resources to invest and grow that child to be a very highly respectable productive member of this society.

All in humble service. All in daily toil. Thankless hours of hard work. The soccer mom may be a playful name for it, but the engineering mom is more like it. She’s doing it all. And she’s expected to do it while looking pretty, slim, sexy, smart, and in submission to her man.

So, really, super moms do more than wear two hats, they’re cape wearing super heroes of the unicorn variety. The truest of heroes in our society.

Happy Mother’s Day

No matter what woman took time to invest in you and help you along the way, know this, super moms dream big and make these big dreams real. They invest to make you the best. They love unconditionally and thoroughly. Sure, there may be an academic distinction between a mom and a super mom. However, they both do heroic super duty miracles every day to keep society moving forward.

All the values they teach. All meals they prep. All the social cues the interpret. All the trends they keep tabs on. All the success they’ve encouraged. Yes, today is their day. Yes we are all thankful. I know I am.

I am fortunate to have had a wonderful super mom who is both the CEO and COO of her home. She understood how co-leadership would look for her home and she went out to make us become great men. She sacrificed massively so we can now enjoy a better life. I also am fortunate to have married a wonderful lady who is also a supermom to my children and a great co-parent.

Mom’s are truly multi-hat wearing heroes

Enjoy your day mom!

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