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When Children Join Us

It’s very tempting to stop working on one’s relationship when a child arrives. To create a warm loving home, parents have to keep working on their romance. The children are joining our team, we’re not joining theirs. Keep leading your vibrant lives so they can see a wonderful example of living. Of course, change is inevitable and negotiating these changes makes all the difference in the world


Leading Back To School

Parents often model key behaviors that influence the success of children. Just look at the morning and evening routines to have a clue.

While school is already in session, taking a few notes from the rush back… to muse and motivate with


Imperfect Analogy – Happy New Year

Getting back up to speed in blogging for the year. Happy New Year!

Comparing the home with hosting a blog… there is the and variety…

Each version has a different approach and different skill set. The home is a very similar duality.. It’s all in the perspective one takes.

Wishing you all a fabulous and amazing new year.


Motivating the Troops

In the act of balancing work, life, home, school, parenting, finance, play, education, growth, and more… being a parent requires the fine art of diplomacy, negotiation, motivation, and leadership. Getting the whole family troop motivated and achieving goals is all about breaking things down into bite sizes that can be executed and build positive momentum.

Today, for Motivational Monday, one small look at this process of building and motivating the troops. Happy Monday!


Family Forecast

A word of wisdom was once said… look to the and and learn wisdom by studying her ways…. paraphrasing a verse in the book of Proverbs

Planning ahead for success should be a steady mainstay of a CEO styled household. Motivate your Monday by planning to succeed not only for Monday, but the week to set up a great month/year(s)

Plan for the happiness and success of your home!


Not a Fool’s Matter

A fool plans ahead for life/vacations/trips/goals so that stability and success happens over time. Only a fool plays life haphazardly as a matter of principle.

Keep your goals for yourself, your family, and children in sight as you navigate vacations and work life balance options. Have also a great motivated Monday as you work on improving your slice of heaven on earth


Three Keys of Confidence

Confidence is key for many things. There are layers and levels to confidence. Three basic keys help shape relationships and take them to many different levels. A chat about confidence and how it can shape your present and future


No Doubt

Every Spring, many households do cleaning rituals. Out with the old, in with the new. Nature is renewing itself, life seems to be springing out everywhere.

What happens to your relationship? Do you do some cleaning out of old habits to replace it with new ones? What of the legacy you want to leave your children?

Make sure in all the internal cleaning, you cast out doubt…and replace it with trust and faith. But more on that on the blog. Just click in and read more about it.

Happy Monday and stay motivated to create your heaven on earth.