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This Monday morning, I want to use a bit of my experience to talk about a highly simplified version of confidence. That one word, confidence has so much power wrapped into itself an entire blog series can be dedicated to it. However, let’s narrow things down a bit for today’s post.

The keys of confidence can be seen as levels of confidence. These levels play a huge role in the nature of one’s life and abilities. The more confidence, the more secure one is about whatever it is.

Simple basic example, the more confidence you have in a person, the more trust you’re able to have for that person, the better the relationship is with that person.

So, let’s jump right to the keys of confidence.

Keys Of Confidence

By the way, let’s not look at this as some kind of success turn key thing that you can read, apply, and boom, you’re all set. This is more about looking at yourself and seeing what you’d like to do and reach for with yourself.

First Key

In this ring level, the key is belief in the ability of others. This is where most children play. They have to know they can have full confidence in their caretaker’s ability to do their job. When that level of confidence is strong, that child is able to blossom and grow in a healthy way.

Many of us need to have that same key in our love lives at home. Without that level of confidence we can’t pursue what we’d like to pursue because our partner isn’t doing what we believe they will do.

The very fabric of the family is built on this very key. Everyone needs to have confidence that each member is pulling their fair share. And each person is doing in the interest of all parties involved.

Without that externally facing level of confidence it is easy to have feelings of insecurity and doubt. The minute consumer confidence drops, people stop shopping, and when that happens, the economy slows.

It is very critical to feel confident about the environment in which one lives.

Second Key

This is the area in which many people seem to struggle at differing degrees. This is the confidence in your own ability. The lack thereof spells much consternation for others as well as one’s self.

Without confidence in your abilities, you don’t try things. You’re doubting your abilities. You’re hesitant and even reluctant to take any form of risk that could benefit you.

Some, as an example, doubt their ability to speak in public. That lack of self confidence in delivery of an idea is why many will pass up on speaking up in front of a team meeting, or speaking up for one’s rights in a public setting when dealing with a bully, or stand up for the values of the family when that’s needed.

Having a healthy does of self confidence plays a big role in one’s willingness to live up to one’s ability. I will go even further to say that keeping a status quo life even requires this second key. Skills need to be kept sharp, and without practice, one won’t keep things sharp. The very understanding that one can keep skills sharp is built into having self-confidence.

Many relationships can benefit from having more trust in the abilities of the relationship to survive stress as well as success. Without that understanding, when life changes, which it usually does, there will be doubts in the relationships ability to withstand or adjust for the change.

In summary, the belief that one can do what one knows how to do is the second key of confidence.

Third Key

This one, many hope to reach… and may not always reach it while young. This is the confidence in a greater belief than what is current. Simple English, this is the belief one will get better to do better.

This is the domain in which faith lives. This is the area where work and investing in oneself resides. This is the key where growth can happen at various degrees of fast. This is where amazing things happen.

While the first two are good to be in, and much needed, the area of excellence is when one internalizes the belief that they can grow, learn, blossom, prosper.

Without the confidence in one’s ability to rise and shine to any occasion, one won’t put in the necessary work and investment to get where one needs to go.

Example, a student won’t push as hard to get an A if they have no confidence in their ability to get an A. You have to believe you can do better in order to do better. You have to believe you can change and want to change in order to actually change.

Quick story

I’ve shared on another blog that I write about my journey as a writer. I didn’t believe I could, so I didn’t write. Then, I heard a few people talk about my writing as if it had great potential (first key) and I started to dabble a bit in writing. The feedback was very encouraging.

Then, I had to grow to believe I could actually write a blog and keep one up. That took a while, but I had to get the second key. I started to accept the fact I could write, and then I started writing. Over time, I got better.

The real “magic” so to speak happened when my confidence in myself grew and I saw myself as a writer. Then, it wasn’t about how do I go about blogging. It became the third key. I can write. I will write. And I will get good at it. In time, one blog great to several. I’m a writer. The future will be even better.

Motivational Monday Thought

All three keys of confidence are cool and are important. One will use different keys to get them where they need to go. The ideal is to have all three with you so you’re able to move more quickly towards your goals.

One needs cheerleaders who believe in us. Heads of households need others cheering on their work and sacrifices. That’s one key.

We need to believe we can be good/great heads of households. That’s the only way to maintain our abilities as heads of households. That’s the second key

Third key, we need to know we can improve our abilities to lead our homes. We can get better. We can get more effective. We can learn. We can adapt. We can grow. Without that, we stagnate.

As you head into you week, keep all three keys handy. Believe. Act on your belief. Grow your confidence. Grow your scope of confidence so you move decisively this week towards your goals for your home.

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