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Soon it will be vacation time for many. Ranging from weekend trips to the beach or week long planned vacations, or adjusting to the children having the summer off. These changes can provide their own set of challenges for those on a path of greatness.

Let me explain. Greatness is a journey of many long dedicated days of effort. Breaks, such as vacations, can bring about many excuses to get in the way of the goal in mind.

As I’m writing this, I’m wrapping up a short mini break that I took with the family. when this post goes live, I’d already be back. The typical excuse for me has been, I’m on vacation… I will get back on track when I come back. Sadly, by the time I get back on track, it’s so much later I am either starting over or play significant catch-up. Worse, sometimes I give up on the project entirely because too much time has passed.

No. Not this time. I’m not going to be a fool in April on this matter. The goal was to get consistent with my blogging. Minus a few skipped posts early in the year, I’ve found my stride and don’t plan on letting any trip or vacation get in the way of this journey of mine.

This is what I’ve learned so far, when you’re dedicated to a goal, the seasons may change, the events may come and go, but when you’re adjusting to allow your goal to flourish despite all scheduling changes, you see progress happen.

Motivational Monday Thought

Do not play the fool any time and let good times take you off track from your goal. Find a way to accommodate daily and keep pressing. It may mean some sacrifices, it may mean skipping out on something. But in the end, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve reached the goal during the journey.

My little trip proved to be a whole lot of fun, more than planned. But the most gratifying part of this trip, I didn’t fall off my goals. I didn’t sidetrack like old times. This trip became that much more valuable to me because I finally struck a balance between what is very important to me and life. Both can coexist. And that is just beautiful.


With my family on this trip, I got to bond with the children on a level I don’t get to bond on a regular basis. With friends and loved ones I saw on this trip, I got to catchup and bond on a level that felt very rewarding. All while keeping the goal of blogging on track.

When it comes to your family, what goals do you have that you’re working on? How will you anticipated the vacations and balance of your goals? Most families do plan out for the children to go to camp and the like, however do they plan on how they’ll balance their goals while on vacation/trips/travels/entertaining guests?

With the right planning, with the right attention to details, with the right effort, one can manage better than one usually does in auto-pilot mode.

Only the fools let life happen haphazardly all the time. The wise plan and execute while learning at every step of the way. Not saying the wise will not have haphazard moments, but it’s not their way of life.

Happy Monday

Make this new quarter, new month, New Monday an awesome start to more greatness in your family. And if the goals are bigger than your current skills, then, grow your skills to make the goals a reality.

Your spouse will thank you for your growth and dedication. Your children, friends, family, coworkers, associates, and church mates will appreciate you for your dedication and dependability on your journey. Some might even thank you for it.

Go out and make it a great awesome week.

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