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Stepping Up Your Game: Prelude

This blog post is designed to support and supplement a round table discussion that followed a sermon spoken today (the blog goes live around the time the event is happening… if technology does as advertised).

While the discussion will be live and go the route many live interactive discussion goes, this post is designed to give the reader an idea of the planned discussion as well as supplement it. Several points will only be discussed here on the blog. Others may have to come later as addendum or future posts. The page associated with the Youth Day event will be shared at the end of this post. Feel free to ask anything in the comments area.

Any feedback is also welcomed so that going forward things can also improve in presentation to help you as a reader. The blog post “A Higher Calling” is the post that supports and supplements the sermon that was presented. The page that holds the sermon information is here.

Stepping Up your Game: The Round Table


Many times, in church, the question is asked “what talents do I have?” “How do I use them?” “How can I grow them?” and today we attempt to touch on them in the round-table following the church service… and below.

The stereotypical talent that gets a lot of praise in many churches fall into a few set of categories. Sadly, one gets the feeling that if their talents don’t fall in those areas, they’re not of use to God.

  • Praise team or choir
  • Health services like being a nurse or doctor
  • Leader of a key popular department
  • Pastor
  • Musician

These are just a few of the popular areas that seem to show that you’ve got a gift that God can use. However, God did not give you natural talents to waste if the church doesn’t make you feel that they’re popular. In fact, it is because of your unique gifts that you’re in a unique position to serve God.

the popular and not so popular talents are of all equal importance to God. Each need to be developed and put into good use

One writer said that the church is a collaboration of teams working together like a well structured business with one singular vision and purpose. I think the bible said it best when it call the church the body of Christ. Everyone member is very important. The whole body can’t function optimally without each member’s cooperation.

To push the envelope a little more, each body part is comprised of teams of people. The outreach arm, the transportation legs, the planning head, the mechanisms of support hidden in the torso and tummy area… just to name a few. The success of the church depends on everyone doing their part within each teams so that the whole collection of teams make one successful church.

The day’s focus is zoomed in on the personal experience God wants to have with you to energize you in His service. Keep in mind as you continue reading, you are part of a whole. God’s plan is both individual and collective.

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