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From the Morning’s Sermon: Four Men became fishers of men

God often will start with what you have and upgrade it to something better for his service if you’re willing to drop your own plans and follow his lead. This can be tricky for many who rather do their own pursuits instead. However, this is where faith becomes of prime importance.

In the afternoon’s round table, the discussion of “Stepping Up Your Game” comes about to cover certain facets of talent management. How do you use what God has given you to better serve him. Then, how do you know you’ve been called?

Talent Use

Let’s start with a short fictional account that has played out in real life under many times over. The details vary from person to person, however the principles are the same.

A young person is a gifted cartoonist. They are skilled at drawing. They want to work for a massive company of world fame to create cartoons that will make them famous or rich or well known or something. The youth is wide eyed, filled with dreams, hopes, and aspirations from themselves.

Then, they feel a special tug in their heart one day at church. The respond to the altar call. Now the question comes to them, what do I do with that dream to draw. Especially because they’re pretty good at it too. Scouts even have noticed their artwork.

The young person prays. Asks God to show them how to use their talent. And God answers.

Over time, they start to use their drawing in a manner to tell the stories from the bible in a way that young urban youth can appreciate and relate to. A website is started. Discussions start to take place. Meet-ups arranged. The topics range from the art to the Word of God. A comic series about Jesus takes off.

From the work of one, eventually, the church steps up in partnership with the youth to put out an evangelical outreach. Many are baptized because they heard the Word through an artist. Had that artist not done his/her work well, they might not have heard or accepted their call in this fashion.

Because this artist worked grew as God blessed it, other agencies looking to use a such skills extend employment opportunities that allows more art to be created in the ministry of winning souls through art. Funds of support help the artist not starve. And more urban youth discover the power of God’s healing mercies.

The point…

God works in mysterious ways. He will use whatever is in your hand to move his work forward. In the process, you’ll find your blessings flowing as well.

The question that gets discussed at the round table is then… how do you step up your game?

game changing moves will be discussed on the next page

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