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Game Changing Moves

There are a few things one can do to up their game. And when working in the Call of Jesus, these things only add value.

First: Preparation not luck

While most will wait until the last snooze to get up, game changing move is to get up early, start your day correctly. That includes drinking water, meditating on the Word of God, getting a workout in, eating right, taking care of yourself properly.

This discipline then carries over into all other activities. What do you do to prepare yourself for success? What can you learn to prepare for your coming interview, exam, or big game?

In context of this blog/site, what can you do to prepare for any upcoming chapters of your relationships? Can you save up for college as soon as the child is born? Can you learn how to romance your partner better? Can you pray for your home? Can you seek advice from experts to better yourself at listening?

Of course you can. There are many ways to prepare for the future, many ways to upgrade the present, many ways to enhance your life if you’re willing to put in the work.

Second: Active Talent Use

In the sermon, it was highlighted that the four fishermen were working in their craft when Jesus called them to ministry. If you want to step up your game, you’ve got to be in the game to begin with. Practice makes perfect.

Being actively mindfully present in the area you’re trying to develop is key for that talent to grow and get put to good use. Routine can lead to complacency. This is why mindfulness is important. Always looking to improve. Always looking to learn. Always looking to make progress.

In relationships, this means not letting slide to a comfortable point. Both parties of a relationship have to be wiling to push and expand the boundaries of their relationship. Same for members of the church. Pushing through prayer to increase the possibilities. Being open to them. Embracing them.

Third: Get mentored

Jesus showed the disciples what their journey would look like and taught them along the way. Then, after his ministry was done, they took over and continued the work. Mentoring is key.

Who are your shining examples to help you along the way? Do you have an older couple you can relate to for advice to improve your relationship? Do you have coaches that help you improve your talent… whatever that talent may be?

One often can’t see one’s own blind spot… hence the name. However, someone else looking at your work can. They can point out your flaws for you to work on and improve. They can point out your strengths so you can grow them and protect them. Top level performers in any field have someone either coaching or mentoring them up.

Fourth: You’re part of a team, not a solo island

The whole lone wolf thing is great for memes. Humans aren’t lone predators, not healthy humans anyway. Social beings thrive in groups and packs. This is why the expression “you’re the average of the five people closest to you” resonates so well. Your success is deeply affected by your team.

While some talents require formal teams, not all do. However, each person needs a team. Could be friends who cheer you on when you work your craft. It could be trusted counsel from those who review your work to give you feedback. It could be someone who does support things to free up your time so you can do your craft… like a spouse who takes the children for a walk so you can sit and study for your exam.

Don’t take your team for granted. Show them gratitude. Appreciate them. Love them. Work with them. They help you become great. They help you succeed.

If you don’t have a team, how about making it a goal to get yourself one… or better yet, identify the team you have but weren’t aware you had.

the list is not yet complete… the rest of the list is on the next page

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