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Spring Has Sprung

The beginning of a new season, notably of Spring Renewal, is one where hope seems to rise and bloom in nature and in love. People feel the weight of winter finally shedding, and the start of the fun period of the year.

Sun is up earlier, stays up longer, the body is kicking into higher gear. Families are starting to think about spring break and summer plans.

What a perfect time to check on the status of your love life with your partner.

House Cleaning

Many things get tossed out in spring to make the home look fresher and nicer. Same should apply to the relationship as well. Certain methods of survival during the cold months need to get tossed out and newer ideas and habits brought in.

One good new idea is working out together. Bring new vitality to the children as well as the parents. This topic will get developed at a later date, but the idea needs to be planted for those who’ve not given it much thought yet.

Also, now that bikini and shorts season is around the corner, a quick check to make sure that trust is in fullest healthiest condition is important. No point already anticipating the worse when you can prepare for the best.

Cast out doubt

If there is one thing to get rid of is the notion and spirit of doubt. It is a silent cancer that ruins relationships. It’s that sneaking nagging suspicion that isn’t really always founded on truth or evidence. It robs the relationship and the home of opportunities to do greater and better things.

“I don’t think I can do…” “I know he/she won’t come through for me, so why even hope…” “these kids, they’re not going to get… are they?”

The issue with doubt, it feels good to wallow in doubt. It feels good to question. And when plans don’t pan out, the “I knew it” or “I told you so” does feel good. But it also poisons the family quietly.

The motivating push one was hoping to get, isn’t there due to doubt. The confidence in support is missing because the supporter doesn’t believe.

Many hesitant steps would have become confident marches of victory if only a member of the family dared have faith and believe that the attempt could bear out great potential. not talking about flattery, just support

In the house cleaning for the spring, cast out any spirit of doubt that lives in the family. It’s not worth keeping it around.

No Doubt

“I have no doubt that you can achieve anything you set your mind to do, just go do it!” Now that’s affirmation for this spring.

That’s affirmation for the family. That’s affirmation for the parents leading their children forward on their journey to adulthood.

“I have faith in you that you will put in the necessary work to succeed, I am rooting for you, go get it done!”

Even better an affirmation to have around the house for everyone’s journey. Especially spouses who want to build up their kingdom on earth.

Renewal of commitment

What better time to have a moment to renew the concept of your vows. Not a full ceremony or costly event, but the sitting together and reviewing the commitment you’ve made to each other.

It won’t be an easy thing to do if this is the first time doing so, however, it’s worth setting the seed now… as it’s going to leave a legacy for the children to follow.

In the short term, the renewal of commitment one to the other has the benefit of affirming the trust between the parents, pushing out doubt further away, and assuring the children that the home is a solid place to be.

Long term, the ability to weather any and all challenges comes when the foundation is strong, solid, and secure.

Spring is a great time to refresh the love in the home.

Try something new

Many couples tell the sad story of how over time the expression of love fades out. Here is a radical idea… too simple really… start expressing the love you’d like to see around the house. Don’t wait for the other person to start. They may not even realize the need to start.

Be the change you want to see and in time, the change will become reality. Be about the mission of improving the way your home runs. Someone has to do the work, let it be you leading the whole family towards a better home.

Same goes for any new legacy activities or new habits or new ventures the family is to try. Make a point of trying now, before summer heat gets to slow you down.

Motivational Monday Thought

Spring is in the air. Love sounds so new. Life is renewing itself. Take some time to remake your own home to ensure it stays fresh, modern, and heavenly.

The power is in your own hands. You have the power to make a choice. Empower that choice with faith and confidence. Do the work. In time, the rewards will surprise you with many blessings in return.

Have a great Monday and make it a solid start to the new season of Spring.

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