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This beautiful Spring Monday Morning is all about celebrating a new start to a work week. Things are optimistic, things are full of potential, minds and bodies are refreshed. Time to get the grind going once again.

Most teachings of success habits stress the importance of planning ahead for the day to ensure success. That is wonderful, that is good. This blog supports this practice fully.

Today, to help motivate you towards the success of your family, let’s do a slight play on words and do some Family Forecasting.

The Family Forecast Calls For…

With Spring Break starting in this household, one thing is on the mind. Most veteran educators and heads of households will attest that there is something about long vacations that seems to dull the minds of students. They just seem to forget many of the lessons taught prior to the vacation.

This sort of brain dump and drain seems to be part of the package and inevitable. Or is it?

Defining the drain

Growing up, we were always told to do homework no matter what. If the teacher didn’t give any, mom made up some. During the summer, we had book reports, scheduled quizzes, and art projects. This put a bit of a damper on the summer, however, my parents had seen ahead of time the need to help their children not fall behind in school.

We weren’t wealthy at all. Barely middle class we eventually learned later in life. However, my parents knew that many families invested in tutors during the summer and their children outperformed everyone the following school year.

Forecast Success

As this Spring Break is coming on us… as in… starting now… the question is what will we do to keep the mind of our kids engaged? While at their age, it’s not that hard, it will get harder over the coming years.

The lesson from that childhood experience taught me one thing, planning ahead for success is critical. One needs a short term view, a medium term view, and a long term view.

In fact, in Proverbs 6:6, the advice is to study the ant and watch as she does and become wise from it. The ant works hard in th summer preparing for the winter season.

What are you planning for your family’s future? Your own future? That of your spouse? How are you making moves in the present with the future in mind?

Keeping the end in sight makes for better family forecasts

Because I have heard how many parents have struggled with college cost for their children, despite starting to save hard during high school, I’ve learned that it’s necessary to start now before they get into elementary. The longer saving horizon means I can have more put aside at a lower monthly imposition.

That same approach applies to all other aspects of life. What can you do today that will make your you tomorrow a lot happier.

In the next family meeting

Start the habit, if you’ve not already set it in place, to have regular forecast meetings where the heads of household look forward and figure where they’d like to go. Initially, it may start as just planning for the day. In due time, it will improve to looking forward a week at a time… then monthly… eventually quarterly… giving shape to yearly. Ideally get to the three to five year mark of planning.

This week, make a point to speak with your partner and set some time to look ahead. Put a forecast together for the family. This can prove even more valuable the more members are part of that family.

Let’s be proactive about our success as CEOs of our homes. Make this a mini-heaven on earth where dreams not only get conceived, but are backed with plans of success.

Happy Monday

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