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As parents, many of the things our children believe to be true comes not from our words but from our examples. They watch what we do and compare it with what we say.

For this installment of the Chief Empowerment Office, want to touch one small example of actions speaking louder than words.

Monday Morning Rituals

Many people have learned from watching their parents and from their personal experiences that Mondays are just the dog day of the week. Along with hump day, it’s the time of the week were the energy feels less than optimal.

One of the best gifts we can do for our children is to model the type of life that leaves you alive, refreshed, and motivated. What are the routines one has on Monday’s that leaves the children knowing that life is great or horrible?

Looking at present company

When looking at the various lifestyles people have, it is clear to this author that some people are living a life that leaves them feeling alive and on purpose. Others just dread the drudgery of waking on Mondays and returning back to work. That leaves a certain taste in the children who are learning from us what the world is all about.


Some of us don’t have an option. What we do for a living is not our choice, it is what keeps the lights on. Others do what they love and are fueled by the pursuits of their passions. Most everyone else fit somewhere in between those ends.

What choice we do have is in how we face the routines and rituals of the life we have. Grumbling and barely getting up on Monday to rush into drudgery is a viable option many use. Others take a few extra moments to wake earlier, get their mindset right, get their attitude positive, and their goals focused. This then is picked up by the children who find that getting up on Monday is not too bad, they can go on and face school or daycare as another of the many adventures one has.

While this is an over-simplification of reality, the choice at times is that simple. We can opt to empower ourselves to have a great Monday, thus empowering our children to follow the same example, or we can just go with the same flow and hope they pick up the right idea.

Motivation Monday

Whatever your lot in life may be, make a conscious choice to bring your best foot forward. Bring you A-game to all situations that need your A-game. Prepare the day before to have a great new day, a great new week, a great successful winning attitude.

Many times, that’s the only choice and only control one has on the situations life gives. For the sake of personal wellness and that of the children, chose to make it a great day today!

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