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Recently at church, I heard a sermon that moved me to tears. I won’t get into all the church lessons here today, but wanted to touch a few highlights.

As a dad of a growing family, I’ve wondered if I’m enough to handle the charge ahead of me. Do I have what it takes.

My mindset has had to grow and change at a faster rate than I’ve ever had to change since adulthood. And with new expanding territories of minds to raise, I need to expand my territory.

Expanding Territories

There are thoughts that I hold that I’ve had to let go. When dealing with one child, it’s two against one defense. When it’s two children, it’s one on one defense. Now, with three, it’s zone defense.

Best Defense is…

The first mindset shift was this, defense. I’m playing defense. God hasn’t called me to sit in a defensive reactive position. Offense requires planning, training, anticipating, getting ahead.

With three children of my own, a business concept emerging, a day job, a loving wife, and way more, I can’t afford to just respond to the daily hustle as it comes. I have to make chess level advance moves.

I Have to Think Big

There are so many things I’ve settled for and accepted as normal. But the children, they’ve got potential. They need access to information, experiences, opportunities. Many of these, I don’t have or used to have. I have to go get them for their sake.

I have to think bigger than myself. I have to have faith that I can expand my territory and give them the green pastures they need to thrive.

Parenting has so much faith elements to it. And you’ve got to hide your doubts as you work on them, because they may not be age ready to know you have doubts. In my case, they don’t handle doubt well because I’m still their superhero. In a few years, that will change. I won’t be the hero. Then, I’m just a mortal and sharing my doubts won’t be so bad.

Growth is now more complicated

I also need to learn more, read more, find more time, be more, live more, and have more down time to process it all. It is ever more complex.

While some take it to be a bad thing, I’m learning that it’s a good thing. It’s proof that I’ve grown more responsible and am entrusted with way more to do more.

I’m no longer in need of simple solutions. I’m now at the level of the complicated for lunch deals in life. It’s a honorable place to be. Now is no longer the time for cruise control living.

Motivational Monday Lesson

When growing a family, tools change. Skills must adapt. It is testimony that the universe/God feels you’re ready to handle more. How you opt to feel about it makes all the difference. I can be overwhelmed with fear or hope.

I chose hope. I want to believe that I’m making a difference and I can be different. Wishing you the same on your Monday as you go out and tackle the complex and make it look easy for your family.

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