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What is Parallel Living

At the pace of modern first world living, it’s not uncommon for families to feel more and more like living arrangements than good old fashion families. The sense of community is quietly eroded and replaced with silent arrangements.

Just look at some family meals today, the phone is captivating the attention of the attendees way more than the food on the table. Speaking of food on the table, more often than not, that food was fast prepared and plastered with logos of the companies that make them.

Parallel Living

A concept I once read about in college a long time ago. It’s the way people group by convenience and live totally independent lives while appearing to be closely tied together. Simple English; roommate arrangements.

Many homes today have a roommate arrangement mentality. Mom and Dad are doing their own separate things and the children are doing their own too, thanks to the loving care of the television and latch key safety technology. not every home is victim of this to this extreme, but when not careful, many roads lead to this extreme point

It is true that the rat race demands our attention. It is true that it is very hard for ends to be made without extreme work efforts. Not discounting this at all. In fact, that is part of the reason why I’m on this blogging journey. There has to be better than running around like hamsters.

Slow down to go fast

There is a phrase in many sporting circles that says the following (in one version or the other): “In order to go fast, you’ve got to slow down”.

The pace of living today is making many live in a very reactive form. It’s all about self preservation. It’s all about keeping up. It’s all about the individual. There is not enough time for the community or long term vision.

How does this look like in the CEO Home?

In short, for this Motivational Monday Post, creating time to slow the mind down and connect with what is important. I’m making the assumption that reading this blog means that family is important.

When was the last time you took the time to ask your children how they were feeling about their role in the home? When was the last time you asked your spouse if she was happy with how you’re treating them? When was the last time you asked them what was important to them for the coming week…and what you could do to help?

Slowing down means simply creating a few minutes to reconnect or stay connected. These moments are not urgent. They’re very important. In a society that values busy and responsiveness over decisive triage of priorities, to keep a family alive, you’ve got to put in the small daily work of keeping the family alive.

The pulse is in the talks

Whenever you’re talking to and with someone of your household, you’re building your connection with them. The fruits of that work may not be evident right away. Sometimes it may take days, months, weeks, years to materialize. But one day, you’ll notice the bond is strong, the relationship solid, and you’re able to face anything with them.

Make the habit of talking regularly with your team members ie your family. That routine habit is what will help prevent the habit of isolation from setting in. That habit, by the way, is how parallel living starts and becomes routine.

Motivational Tip for the Week.

In the last long post, SMART Goals was discussed. Make it a point to plan ahead in your calendar a 5 minute check in with your spouse or a 15 minute team huddle with the whole family to make sure that all is running as smoothly as you assume.

You may occasionally be surprised to find out it is not, and you’ll catch it early enough to address the matter before it has grown to the proportions needing lawyers or therapists (both can help mend things, just are way costlier than chatting regularly)

Have a splendid week and keep the lines of communication open so the whole of the family grows together instead of alongside each other independently.

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    1. There was a moment between updates where certain browsers were not loading up the images of the posts. Since the update, that’s been cured. Let me know if that’s the case for you. Thanks for letting me know

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