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Leading Back To School

Parents often model key behaviors that influence the success of children. Just look at the morning and evening routines to have a clue.

While school is already in session, taking a few notes from the rush back… to muse and motivate with


Slowly Returning

After being away a while, it’s time to return to blogging here. A little wiser from life’s bundles of surprise, making a measured slow return to blogging. Eventually, will be fully up to speed.

Parenting has taught me to go with the flow. There isn’t a perfect time for anything. Just daily chipping away at the dream


Imperfect Analogy – Happy New Year

Getting back up to speed in blogging for the year. Happy New Year!

Comparing the home with hosting a blog… there is the and variety…

Each version has a different approach and different skill set. The home is a very similar duality.. It’s all in the perspective one takes.

Wishing you all a fabulous and amazing new year.


Feeling Boxed-In

Life throws at you many curves that can often have you feeling boxed in. Leadership is about making smart decisions in the face of tough situations that leave everyone better in the end.

A few basic fundamental considerations when a family is facing turmoil and outside pressures


The Cost of Being Born Male

In a society that upholds the worth of a male at high esteem… there are a lot of stereotypes that paints males in very dim light. When males have to navigate these stereotypes to become men, is there a hidden cost that will hamper their growth? Are there consequences to these views?

Society has changed their view of what a man is and his worth. If men are to continue to effectively participate in their homes as co-CEOs , the conversation about the cost of being born male has to be included


Communication through the lens of an Unlimited Data Plan

The way one feels about communication with family and network has an impact on the quality of our conversations. The concept of an Unlimited Data Plan helps paint the picture of one aspect of communication in families and friends network. We would like to be able to share freely and safely.

With the youth of Eden SDA, we talked about building a better spiritual life through the concept of an Unlimited Data Plan access to Jesus.

Everyone can benefit from a better relationship as a result of a better style of communication.


Building Security During Uncertainty

The path a family takes often is filled with uncertainties and lots of expenses. Growing and leading a home through the many stages of life can feel a big deal. Having a few basic stories that helps set the framework helps the understanding of what options there is.

This post will focus on three very basic concepts around money that will help shape a dialogue about how to create security in times of uncertainty. This conversational piece must be supplemented by sound advice from experts to make the plan work. One needs a foundation to build a platform that will set up legacy. Those three stages will help level the discussion playing field of a huge topic.

Leading your home to financial success starts with a simple conversational idea that will become the framework for more.

Family Meeting

Mom: Multi-hat wearing hero

A mom is a super hero. She does so much for her home. She’s the dreamer and the maker of dreams. She makes the home a home. She builds up her children to be productive members of society. Her heroics makes the future a better place.

A mom is both the CEO and COO of the home when not wearing all the other hats she does in the house… not to discount doing while working and being awesome at all she does.

Happy Mother’s Day