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Another year of grace means another round of well wishes and resolutions to make. While this author isn’t one to make a lot of New Year’s Day Resolutions, the plans to make this calendar year great is already in the works.

Wishing all the CEOs of their homes a magnificent new year of success, wellness, and growth.

Best Wishes for you and your family

Men and women the world over are thinking about their families and what they would love to achieve in the new year. They’ve got their own personal goals and ambitions as well.

Most CEOs of their home have taken time to think about areas they would love to see their family excel in. Without a doubt, plans are being laid and set to ensure that these families will grow and succeed.

Have you spoken with your spouse and put together a blueprint of success for your calendar year? Have you set some goals you’re working towards? Will you commit to seeing the through?

The CEOs of the Home blog

While this writer is not new to the blogging scene, this site has not gotten the plethora of posts this writer is capable of delivering.

In the past, it was all about finding the perfect content to write so the reader feels well fed with rich information.

The plans for this year is to have more content that’s driven by what readers could enjoy and benefit from in their day to day lives. It won’t start off as weekly content, as the priority is to running the home. But, in time, the hope is to reach a level of very predictable intervals of content that is most beneficial and relevant to CEOs of the home.

To make this work, there will be posts asking your feedback to understand what you think about the content and what you’d like to see more of.

For the time being, super grateful that you’re taking the time to stop and check out this place on the web and calling it a virtual home.

As you plan your successful year…

Here, at CEOs of the home, we’d like to not only wish you well but encourage you to have a system of accountability in place to help you keep to your wishes.

Some people have vague wishes to get healthier. If this is yours, we’d like for you to make a more concrete effort to include your team/family in the efforts of being healthier while making your goal more specific.

How much fitness are we talking about? How many days a week you’re planning to work on this? What will your family be expected to contribute to help you with this? What roles will your family play in crafting this goal? What are their individual goals with regards to getting healthier? How will you track your progress?

The list of CEO styled questions to keep can go on and on. The how, the what, the when, the where, who will do what, and the why of it all needs to be clear for you and your family.

Then, everyone has to help keep each other on track to get to the fitness goal. If the plan is to have everyone do thirty minutes of cardio every morning and it’s possible to have everyone awake at the same time, make it a fun challenge every morning to do your cardio. Build in your devotional moment around the cardio time as well. Then, a quick morning planning session to organize the day for success isn’t a bad idea at all.

Keeping your momentum

Having the help of your children, relatives, and friends tracking your goals increases the odds of success beyond January. Having apps with reminders is cool but mixing that with the help of those who care about you is a bonus one shouldn’t miss out on.

Of course, having a few coaches and mentors never hurts either. In fact, those increases your odds of success more than just asking your family to help. Mainly because most humans don’t like to disappoint people they look up to. That’s why most top performers have coaches and mentors helping them keep pace towards their goals.

Success is not just about having will power. That is great to get started. However, to keep going well beyond January, one needs a plan with proper support.

In the case of this writer, the public sharing of wanting to keep this blog active and the understanding that strangers will read this and have the expectation of a degree of predictable content… that holds me highly accountable and very motivated to deliver.

Start strong, stay strong, finish strong

We have one job to do, as CEOs of the home, and that is to ensure a lifetime of stability and growth for our family. Fun times will come and go. Tears will come and go, preferably infrequently. Children will go through their stages. Relationships will mature and change. But, the home, when well managed, will stay around as a legacy marker for generations to come.

Let us endeavor to make this year a great break out year of success for our homes. Make the housing we live in be the most welcoming home for all it’s citizens and visitors.

Cheers CEOs to the creating of a better home this year

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