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Blogging about relationships and how to build them up was the original plan for this site. Then, parenthood started to heat up and the blog took a back seat.

Certain technical challenges presented themselves and made the work of blogging more work than originally planned. So, the site went dormant without explanation for way too long.

This is not cool and not fair to the readers of this blog. So, before starting up again, first an apology.

I’m sorry for leaving my readership without warning

Hope you can forgive me and will eventually return. Speaking of returning, I will be slowly working my way back into blogging on this site again. I’ve missed it.

Slowly Returning

Before we get back up to speed, let’s just cover some of the incidentals that happened while on break. Fatherhood has accelerated a lot. With more children at home, there are more responsibilities to triage and manage. Plus, the other blogging that predates this blog has matured and grown in intensity.

With less time to do anything, juggling has dropped more projects than gained. However, the mission of this blog still remains very important. All these ideas circling and moving about the mind needs to make their way onto paper.

Unlike my other writing projects, this site requires a lot more cognitive effort than the others. There is this need to make sure the content is beneficial to the reader and will elevate the nature of their dialogue so that their relationships will improve.

The notion that pieces shared on this blog will be of positive influence to the reader means that extra care has to go into making the content relevant, effective, and of good impact.

All this work takes time. Lots of time.

Much like all other projects, in due time this will get sorted out as well. When on a mission to succeed, one has to take the good days with the bad days and press on.

It’s like parenting

There are any aspects of being a parent that can be planned for and many that can’t be planned for. Timing is not always in our favor as parents. However, we all have to adjust and move with time.

At the time of writing this post, this CEO of his home has four little ones to worry about. Sleep is a luxury valiantly fought for. Yet, keeping these four blessings healthy and cared for means dropping many callings and projects by the wayside to pick up at a later date. (for the record, I don’t have four children of the same age. Just back to back to back to back little ones)

In the words of several mentors of mine, every business is like a newborn child. The start up phases requires a lot of time and effort. There will be many sleepless days and rough nights. Some small step forward and lots of falling back.

Eventually, the child grows up enough to stand on their own. This site will eventually be able to stand on it’s own.

As this blog moves forward, the hope is to help someone who reads this… feel they can create the home they want to create. It’s a bit of work. It’s a lot of adjustments. But it’s doable. It’s been done for ages. It will continue to be done for ages.

Allow yourself to breathe through the challenges. Ride the waves. And pick up momentum when and where you can. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

As I finish writing this piece, I’m smiling at myself. The temptation to shut this site down has not been serious, but it has floated the mind once or twice. There was speculations of merging this concept over with one of my other blogs. However, the visions aren’t the same… just similar. So, taking a page from my experience as a dad… I’m not giving up… I’m just learning new ways to chase my dreams.

This site, to me, is a way to model to my children the importance of tenacity when chasing a dream. You don’t give up because you’ve run into challenges. If we don’t’ give up on our children, why give up on our dreams? They’re kind of like our babies as well. Keep nourishing the dreams. They will bear fruits in due time.

So, dear fellow CEOs of the home… keep forecasting a bright future for your family and do the daily grind it requires to get there.

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