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Making of a Man Seminar

The work of making a male into a man is a joint effort between community and choices that male makes.

It’s an on going process that requires a male to submit himself to diligent work and consistent work.

Take a look inside to some of the work require to make a male into a man. Seminar summary.


The Graciously Empowered Family

CEOs of the home have many duties. One of which is to leave their homes empowered. The skills and grace required to achieve the vision is ever changing. This overview posts captures part of a seminar’s experience in helping heads of families improve their skills at leading their homes. The Chief Empowerment Office is a very busy place where magic seems to happen. Good thing there is a bit of science to the art.

There is a list of supporting blog posts at the end.

Family Meeting

A Model of a Resilient Home

When things get tough, that’s when you see how tough you really are. Thankfully, resilience is a skill that can be learned before tough times arrive. Between strong bonds and habits, one can practice and learn the craft of rebounding through adversity. The attitude of gratitude finds a way into the mindset that gives CEOs of the home an edge in facing life.


When Children Join Us

It’s very tempting to stop working on one’s relationship when a child arrives. To create a warm loving home, parents have to keep working on their romance. The children are joining our team, we’re not joining theirs. Keep leading your vibrant lives so they can see a wonderful example of living. Of course, change is inevitable and negotiating these changes makes all the difference in the world


Sitting Out A Blessing

Summarizing a segment of a sermon and biblical passage… to tease out a few tips for stronger families and stronger church communities

CEOs of the home can’t fall asleep on the job of empowering the home. To do so is to miss out on a blessing

Family Meeting

The Habit of Engagement

The distraction economy has us looking for shortcuts and hacks to building connections with family members. The good old fashioned method of communicating seems to labor intense.

If we don’t make time to engage and connect with each other, we will drift apart, or settle of a shallow connection.

Let’s be intentional and purposeful in building our tribe inside our families


Leading Back To School

Parents often model key behaviors that influence the success of children. Just look at the morning and evening routines to have a clue.

While school is already in session, taking a few notes from the rush back… to muse and motivate with