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The CEO of the home has a huge responsibility to manage. It’s a team effort, in most families, to lead the entire home towards a common goal. For most, it’s the raising of children into adulthood. For others, it’s about fulfillment. No matter how a family is built, the position of head of household means being an effective leader in all situations.

This blog emphasizes the values of leadership because a home is an organization that has to meet a lot of needs for different individuals. These needs are constantly changing. The environment is constantly changing and being influenced by many sources. Without a good leadership position, goals are more left to chance than purpose.

The chief empowerment office is where the leaders of the home do most of their work. Supplying the necessary tools, incentives, encouragement, and direction, a family is able to navigate through all the stages of life it needs to handle.

In keeping with the imagery of fluidity of life events, the leadership of the home does require a degree of flexibility. In most instances, the leaders of the home are a team of one man and one woman. They jointly lead the home. There will be days when the woman has the more dominant voice just like there will be days when the man has the more dominant voice. Most days, the two will come to a mutually beneficial voice for their home.

The smartest way to lead a home, however, will facilitate space for the children of said home to have their voice practice their own dominance. Imagine how awkward it would be if the parents felt they were the only and best voice to decide how a child should study for their finals in college… makes no common sense. However, in order for that child to lead their study practice, they need to practice at a much younger age the art of self-leadership. This is were wise CEOs of the home empower their children to lead and practice leadership within the safety of their home.

The ever shifting point of balance is what makes the chief empowerment office such a busy active place. Roles shifts. Times changes. And children have to have their chance at the wheel, under the watchful eyes of parents of course.

The Graciously Empowered Family

The manner in which CEOs of the home lead makes all the difference in the world. Some lead through power and authority. Others lead through passive means. Some lead through example while others team up with their children to craft unique individual care for their children. There is no singular one model fits all type of leadership.

The gracious empowering of the family requires a long list of skills that can be learned in real time as well as in advance. When a family is empowered, they can make their own mind as to what best suits their needs.

Such a home has to be open to learning and being coached. Such a family has to be open to experiment and try novelty. At the same time, this type of family has to also protect their own heritage and legacy in a manner that makes sense for them and their community.

The model of “it takes a village” still applies. The difference today is the nature of the village has changed a bit. There is a digital component, a social component, a traditions component, a professional and relational network component to it. The family is no longer limited to just blood ties.

The CEOs of the home who can find gracious means to empower their family will find themselves leading their lifestyles more effectively than those who succumb to reactive impulses of moods. A steady beat feels more secure than tumultuous erratic tones.

the following segments, in the seminar, will be developed in greater details in separate blog posts… which will be shared at the end of the post

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