Welcome To A Tribe of Men – Round Table Discussion

Is the Men’s Ministry in church relevant today?

Outside the church, men have many ways of associating themselves into groups or packs that serve any number of needs. Sadly, many men feel increasingly more alone in the pursuit of their dreams. It is one thing to feel bonded with the family they head or the church in which they participate. However, enriching their connections is left to the distant memories of high school and college.

The need for a safe emotional place to thrive is often pushed under the carpet by the pressing needs of keeping the rent/mortgage paid or giving the appearance of strength and knowledge in church or at home. This lack of safety means many men often suffer in silence and watch life pass by unfulfilled.

Just like women need their circle of influence, men also need to cultivate their own circles. This gives rise to support and accountability that is sorely lacking today. A shoulder to lean on that is more than the guy down the street in the barber shop, not that there is anything wrong with that either.

The Bro Code

Accountability is build into the understanding of what many call the Bro Code. A system of checks and balance that also has chivalry built into it. It is passed on from generation to generation. Without moral accountability, phrases such as boys will be boys get accepted and less than ideal habits become part of the code. Women do not appreciate the impact of such a code, and the church has a responsibility to help raise men to a higher standard of leadership and partnership in the home.

In the seminar, one small aspect of accountability will be address in hopes of setting the stage for more dialog around the relevancy of the man, his ministry, and leadership in an era where the rise of the leading lady is taking place.

For the record there is plenty of room at the table for the woman’s voice. In fact, the proper ways of the gentleman takes into serious account the voice of his leading lady. How else can a man provide for the needs of his wife if he is not willing to listen to her voice and needs?

The Men’s Ministry is the place where that level of understanding is learned and shared so that the home because a safe zone for all who participate. A place where all voices get a fair say. A place where the Garden of Eden is recreated for the betterment of everyone inside it’s lush terrain.

Your self-worth impacts your network which influences your net-worth

No Man is an island. That just is not how people are designed. They have to socialize and get along. Unfortunately, the skills of friendship do get rusty and people start to live less on purpose and more out of routine.

Friendships are now just the product of circumstances. How about bonding with other like minded Christians intentionally with the purpose of becoming better world citizens? In fact this question is not limited to those of Christian beliefs. Anyone who wants to move forward in life will need to rely on help from someone else. Why not pick a tribe of people who will support you.


The church can easily create that network of people that will bond and build together so that the entire community will benefit. Details of how this can be done will be part of the discussion and accompanying blog post.

Individuals of lower self esteem often, but not always, find themselves associating with others who view themselves similarly. Without that confidence of self in one’s worth, it is easy to get discouraged or avoid trying bigger and better things. That is part of why the saying you’re the average of the five closest to you holds so true. Keep broke friends and don’t be surprised if you’re broke yourself.

The Men’s Ministry can greatly help people not only address their concerns of self worth, but can help build a network that bridges many skill sets, so that the overall net-worth of the group rises over time.

This is something that can be easily taught and mentored amongst men. And they in turn can go teach someone else as well as teach that skill to the family that depends on them.

Call to action

In the business world, the intentional grouping of several for the common goal of getting better or reaching a goal is often called masterminding. The Men’s Ministry is a type of mastermind where men leverage each other’s strong suits in an encouraging fashion to reach a better state of being.

The men who are part of the group can now move forward into their own home and recreate the same in the concept of the *boardroom at home. A place where everyone can safely share their views, their insights, their knowledge, and expertise for the betterment of the home. It’s the place where every voice counts and plans are made and held accounted for.

Let the Men’s Ministry find renewed focus in helping men from all backgrounds find their purpose. It is time to be more than a special day on the calendar where you show off your cooking skills after a special service. The department is more than just periodic outreach. This is an ongoing weekly/monthly set of empowering sessions designed to help men be men. By having a healthier partner in leadership, families will prosper and grow. When families prosper and grow, the church and community prospers and grows.

The call is great. The mission is huge. Making families great in a time when formal family structures are on the decline is a very tall order. However, generations depend on strong families. Instead of cruise-control living, move with purpose in your life.

The topic of discussion at the live event, also covered in the blog posts, will touch the following:

1.Emotional Safe Zones

-Role of Men’s Ministry 

-What’s average looking like?

2.Learning through teaching

-Beyond the Special Day at church 

-Accountability is key for success 

-The importance of mentorship

3.Network of networks

-Network of Friends 

-Network of Churches 

-Network of Professionals 

Here is a link to the documents discussed during the presentation:

the handout a-tribe-of-men covers a summary of  the live discussion and future blog posts

the survey/needs/programming adventist-men-handout covers ideas for Men’s Ministry Departments to consider and implement. Courtesy of the Adventist Men’s Ministry

Enjoy the accompanying blog posts and let it inspire you to continue your great work at home… or start doing great work at home. Stay blessed always

The Event took  place November 19, 2016 at Sychar SDA Company in Westbury New York with a focus on the Men’s Ministry.

This seminar also took place April 22, 2017 at Ephese French SDA Church in Amityville New York during their Men’s Ministry focus.



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