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Making a man takes time. It takes a tribe. It takes a village. It takes choices made by many but ultimately made by the grown male who is charged with being a man. When he’s a man, society rewards him with responsibilities, honor, and respect. A man is respected and honored by all who see and recognize his manhood. A man is not defined by material possessions. A man is defined by his character, the one he took time to cultivate. The one he elevated as a showing of respect and honor to the community that invested in him.

A man works to make the world a better place. A man works to make those around him better. A man serves. A man protects. A man knows how to share his heart wisely and completely with those who deserve it. A man forgives and understands letting go. A man can forget, but only what requires forgetting, not what is convenient to forget. A man defines himself by how he builds himself, not what he says he will build.

A man will use words, like actions, to inspire. But his actions will be the ultimate confirmation. A man builds great habits and encourages others to do the same. He leads, he follows, he adjusts, and he plants seeds in the next man and next generation.

The real kicker, a man knows how to bow down to his queen and let her elevate him. Yes, his reign as king is never threatened by his queen. It’s emboldened and empowered by her presence. A man will submit his choices to the will of his queen so that he’s always making the best choices for her in regards to what pertains to her. His strength as a leader comes from his willingness to study and submit his attention to the needs of those who trust him to make the best choices on their behalf.

That is what makes a man a CEO of his home. The ability to listen, study, learn, and make the best choices for the home. The single biggest advantage he has, the woman who sits in the same CEO office as he does. The two work as one. Two minds will always outperform a single mind when the two work to their strengths to lead their home.

The invitation to do this seminar was a great honor and privilege. The coming posts will eventually show up below as links for others to read. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this entire post to completion and sharing it with someone else.

CEOs of the home, let’s strive to create the next generation of leaders who can be great CEOs of their own homes… the ripple effect of which will be a better community at large. One home at a time. One generation at a time.

Being a man is a work in progress

For your reference purposes… the PowerPoint is attached below…. which is just the grouping of the above images.

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