Hello Shiloh,

At the invitation of Pastor Bryan Ladiny, I am once again sharing the Word of God with you. It is an honor and privilege. Thank you Pastor for your invitation.

When we last met, the subject of the conversation was called “What’s in you lamp” back in September of 2016. The topic of this invitation is “When God Calls: An Audible in your life”

The first subject was centered around your belief and how they shine and influence others. If we’re ego driven, the love of God is quickly stifled out. If we’re humbly serving the Lord and showing His character, others will see the light and come to Christ.

The current subject will center around God calling you to a higher level of performance. From fishing for fishes to fishing for men. The Lord often will call you to do better with the skills you have. We’ve only to listen to his call.

The blog posts associated with the current topic can be found at “Stepping up your game” and “A Higher Calling”. Granted, there is no round table today, the information however is relevant. I do hope you find it helpful.

I look forward to working with you again, Shiloh. May God richly bless you as you continue to minister to the community.