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Titans of Beliefs

So, what are the major overly simplified belief systems? The Goliath, the Brothers, and David. It is good to note that people don’t fall neatly into one of these three and aren’t limited to those three. This grouping is just for the purposes of digesting the question of the topic at hand in less than twenty thousand words of reading.


From a scriptural perspective, this mindset is about people who have gained great proficiency at the wrong thing in life. This can be seen in the modern context as people who have put all their eggs into their corporate basket at the expense of relationships with family and friends. Then, one day, things come crashing down with usually painful and disastrous collateral damage as the whole of their life results in a huge sum zero.

Many zealous and pious observers of religious obscure practices will hold on to their claim of authority even at the expense of their families, congregations, neighbors, jobs, health, and even life. We know of the types that will excessively constrain their children for values that are maladaptive. They know they’re right. They can’t be corrected, admonished, or uplifted. And later, after failed marriages, children abandoning them, they’re quick to blame God and the church for their failings.

In the business world, these people are the closed-minded un-coach-able types who seriously swear their way is the only and correct way. Life has a strange way of knocking down that level of arrogance down to size. And even in the case of humility in wrongful thinking, life will shake that paradigm apart so that others have a chance to see the light and blossom in their own right.

For heads of family, this mindset is super dangerous. It leads to all kinds of lost opportunities. As a head of household, you have to be open to hearing the views of many including those in your charge. You have to be open to responding to all inputs. Just because you’re open doesn’t mean you’re easily swayed, mind you. It just means that you’re not closed to concepts that are different than your own. A wise person reflects, considers, and knows when to change course. A fool has time for no such thing and will not change course when required to.

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