Hello Bethany French SDA

Thanks to the invitation of Pastor Jean-Flavio Monestime, it is a joy to be back with you and having a lovely conversation about Men’s Ministry. For many, this is not the first time you’ve heard me break the spiritual bread with you. I’ve known the Bethany congregation now many years. Always a pleasure feeling at home with amazing people.

The theme of the day is: The Cost of Being Born Male

The afternoon’s topic will be: Social pressure/Anger management – Avoiding the worst.

There are many ways to tackle this set of topics. They create plenty to think about. In finding answers, there are many more questions that come up. Just a few highlights of the day for you below.

-The cost of being born male, from a spiritual perspective, is that you have to sacrifice plenty to ensure you’re helping your community and your family grow on all levels. 
-Men have enjoyed a lot of privileges and many have not taken this responsibility well. The tide has shifted. Men are no longer as relevant in Western culture like the used to be. The decline will only continue if society allows it. 
-Respect is earned just as well as it is given. To be called the head of a household means one has to not only respect oneself, but the position, the family, the power, and the responsibility of being such a leader.
-When men actively look for answers, they usually find them. Teaming up together helps the process happen faster. A tribe of like minded men can do wonders. It’s all about helping each other grow. Holding each other accountable. Supporting one another. Changing the conversation about men’s worth one group/tribe at a time.

The topic of the day is so fascinating and rich with information. One day of presenting is not enough. Taking a cue from their creativity at Bethany, this site will put a bit more energy into sharing many of the valuable discussion points in coming blog posts to share with followers of this blog. Stay tuned.

The associated blog post with this presentation series carries the same name as the theme and can be found here. Part of the afternoon’s presentation will tap into the resources on the page “A Tribe of Men” as one of the many ways men can deal with the social pressures of the day. At a later date, a blog post will be made just to cover the content from the afternoon.