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In certain part of the world, waiting for marriage is as awkward sounding as arranged marriage is in many western societies

Is there a point to waiting? Sure, there are some good reason to wait. The question will eventually become.. why delay.

It’s the same question about this project on this site. What is taking so long to do, what’s keeping the success of this site from happening?

In many instances, like marriage, some folks want to take the time to make sure everything is perfect. There is money set aside and coming. There is a place to live. There is an education.

While all these things are great, sometimes, building together as a team beats coming to the table already built. Now, there is no advocating for rushing forward unprepared. Some preparations are mandatory.

Building a home requires many months of planning before breaking ground. The same for this blog. However, eventually, you do have to start. All great plans need to see the light of day to get moving

Welcome to the journey. Like love, like marriage, like family building, it takes a community to make greatness happen.

This post is breaking ground and the journey is now in motion. In time, this place will become a home to many stories and moments designed to encourage someone else to create their own paradise on earth.

Here is to breaking new grounds without further delays

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