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Uncertainty needs a degree of certainty

By knowing how your money flows, how it is working for or against you, and having a plan on where you want to go means you’re adding a huge degree of certainty in the vast array of uncertainty the home faces.

Example. Having a rainy day fund, a retirement fund, a vacation fund, no debt, liquidity (having access to cash… quickly) and an idea about what you want to spend your resources on means this: You’re not going to easily get into debt, as you’ve got cash on hand. You’re less likely to agree do spend on things that take you away from your goals and purpose… so less junk piling up in the house. You’re less likely to be strapped for cash during an emergency like a car broke down… you’ve got cash on hand so you don’t have to max out the budget, miss rent, forget to pay the light bill, or go into debt. This means more peace of mind.

Having more peace of mind means you can better plan for the other uncertainties of life. You can adapt faster. You can ride out the stress better. You rest better. And life feels less uncertain. in the most simplistic of ways of course

The best way to deal with uncertainty is to get as much certainty in the things you can control. That means getting advice that matter from trusted sources. That means applying that advice and learning new skills to implement the advice. That means teaching these new skills to other members of your home.

The best way to build security during uncertain times is two part: Get rid of debt/negativity/uncertainty you can control and then planning to have security/savings/reserves/plans to handle whatever comes your way.


The process requires work. All good things require effort of some kind. Great things require even greater effort. In the end, you’ll reap the rewards. Keep in mind, you can build in rewards as you’re building the foundation, platform, and legacy. These rewards along the way will keep you motivated as you do more to have security for a more certain future.

This post was to start the conversation and thought process around the idea of money for the family. You’re the CEO of your home. Plan for success so you can have success. Don’t wish for it, build it. That’s the key to security in uncertain times. CEOs get advice, get support, hire the right people, motivate the right people, lead their company to win. That’s how you do your home. You actively work for the success of the home and you work as team. Lead. Teach. Support. Motivate. Grow your home to success.

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