Hello Mt. Sinai,

The joy of coming back to a church that has treated me so well over the years and giving back some encouragement can’t be measured.

There is something very unique and special about small family feeling churches. There are also very unique challenges of being some place where everyone knows your name.

The power of being small means that everyone has the chance to know each other and support one another, a thing sometimes lost in bigger churches.

The closeness brings about a family feeling that can often be taken for granted. The sermon that inspired the blog post associated with this page is built around the advantages of being small.

God will work mightily with just a small handful of willing people. The key word being willing. Without that, God may just skip over you and chose someone else to work with.

Understand this, you may not be skipped for your blessings, but when you’re now working with God in His plan, you’re missing out on many many other additional blessings.

The sermon’s full title is ”The Power of the Collective: When 2 or 3 Are Gathered” (the shortened-in-public version is “When 2 or 3 Are Gathered”)


Adversities come to try you, prove your worth, and sharpen your skills, only if you’re willing to grow from it. If you’re not, often times, challenges will have to come back and retest you later on.

It won’t always feel comfortable, it won’t always feel nice. Trials are never about the feeling of comfort. The triumph on the other side is about the Glory of God. He affords you the luxury of enjoying the taste of victory for being in his service.

The following links will take you to a couple different places.

1- The blog post that supports this sermon is here written in the tone for married people building a family.

2- The blog post in this link takes the concepts of this sermon in a different light.

At some undetermined point in the future, there will be additional links to blog posts about sermons I once preached at Mt. Sinai… for future reference if you’re interested.

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