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Before We Launch…

…into the next few blog posts that is

Let’s take a moment to explain something real quick. This site will house many pieces of content around one main theme… parents stepping up their leadership skills for their home. One such set of content is, as already evidence on the blog, the sets of sermons and seminars delivered to several different congregations.

While there is no set schedule for these types of posts, they will vary in frequency, lengths, and formats. In between those “epic” styled posts, the plan is to have regular-ish postings geared to inspire or motivate someone to improve their family life… if anything… get an exchange of ideas flowing.

Now that the fine print is taken care of…

The next series of posts will be focused around two sermons preached at Schilo of CT earlier this year. The first will be a singular long post with the title That Moment When God Calls Your Name

The second sermon to grace this set called Are Your Beliefs Hindering or Serving is a bit longer in concept and was written to reflect that. On editing, it became clear that one single epic blog post was going to be way too long to digest.

For the sake of sanity, the idea of breaking up the read into several blog post made massive sense. They will get published back to back and will have links between them to keep the flow of the reading easier.

One person made a suggestion, when beta testing my writing, that there is a better way to deliver such dense content.

Write an e-book for your sermons.


The logic being a summary works best for the blog and a link to the e-book for the fuller length read about your sermon makes more sense. a very mini e-book that is… not a novel or anything handful of pages


As you read this series, in the first post you’ll know how I feel about the title/name of an author. I am taking this under advisement and will see how to add this to the writing process I’m currently learning.

Last detail

I aim to create a main page for each church where I preach. That way, people can refer to it whenever they want to read about my presentation or leave comments about it. I will strive to provide an intro blog post before each presentation related sets to help my readers follow my content.

Stand alone blog posts, topics, and series won’t get the introduction post leading up to them…

Additionally, after this series is shared, there will be another right on it’s heels for another presentation I have. Then, things will start to fall into a better pace in the coming weeks.

Without further delays, let’s dive right in.

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